Holiday Gift Guide with @rebecazulch

We collaborated with lifestyle and fashion blogger, Rebeca Zavaleta Ulch, to share some of her favourite gift guide items this holiday season!
It is December and I couldn’t be more excited about the Holidays!
This one is probably one of my favorite types of gifting. I love putting thought behind things my loved ones like, what they listen to, what they like to snack on, favourite color, etc
I always start my holiday shopping pretty early so I visited Upper Canada Mall and took my time going through things to gift my in-laws and I came up with some ideas you might find helpful.
These are some of the steps I take and remember, no gift is too big or small. Is about all these things coming together in one beautiful tribute to your loved one
  • Find a cute box, basket, container or something they can reuse for storage
  • You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine  or bubbly
  • Scarves are lifesavers: Living in Canada, we all know how brutal winters are and so a cute new scarf for mama or papa in law can go a long way and update their look. Roots Canada has great options!
  • Bubble bath and salts also a favorite, Lush is my go-to place
  • Saje Wellness has their pharmacy kit which is something I always gift as it contains aromatherapy potions that help with headaches, lack of sleep, calming scents, etc. I use them every day and they work like a charm
  • Finally, Sephora is a favorite of mine when it comes to skincare products and fragrances like Nest!
Now lets have a look at what I put in my gift basket. Hope this will help you find some inspiration and of course, head over to Upper Canada Mall and enjoy your shopping!


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