Sweet Cravings

It’s finally the weekend! – time to wind down, have fun and indulge (at least for some of us!)
Upper Canada has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth: from wine gummies to warm chocolate crêpes!

Wine O’Clock – It’s not wine but hey, there are hints of red, white and rosé wine in the gummies. Also, their packaging is always creative, fun and colorful. Squish’s party packs and boxes make a great gift to those who enjoy something sweet.

Crepe DeliciousOPEN Saturday
We’ve been waiting a long time for them to open and the day is finally here!
There are crepes for every time of the day: breakfast, lunch and of course dessert!
Our favourite is the classic signature crepe, ‘Tuttie-Fruttie’ (banana, strawberries in Nutella spread)


Sugar King Factory
Known to carry the rare, never to be found candies and sweet goodies, a visit to Sugar King Factory is a must. You will have so much fun browsing their collection!

Kernel’s Popcorn
They are like family to us here at Upper Canada! Children and parents love all the different flavors and offerings. Plus, did I mention that the hallway smells like fresh popcorn every morning? Flavors range from: Cheesy Dill, Chicago Style, Double Butter, Creamy Caramel and so much more…

Have a sweet weekend everyone! 🙂