Perfect Pairings

Looking to get creative with ways to serve chocolate at a gathering or an event?
Create an indulgent experience for your guests – chocolate pairings can elevate your food or drink!



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It’s no secret that chocolate and fruit pairs well together. Understanding what fruit and the type of chocolate enhance the tastebuds is key to finding the perfect pairing. Dark chocolate goes well with fruits such as strawberries, pears, mangos and bananas. The sweet nature of these fruits balances the bitter taste of the dark chocolate. Lindt’s mild 70% Cocoa Bar offers a smooth and creamy taste that is neither too bitter nor overpowering with hints of vanilla and citrus.



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Coffee and chocolate are quite similar in taste – bold and rich in flavour.
Darker chocolates pair well with stronger roasts while milk chocolate enhances the flavour of medium roasts.


Salty Treats

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You can never go wrong with sweet and salty! Chocolate can elevate your salty snacks such as pretzels, bacon, popcorn, and chips. The heavenly combination is a staple for movie nights, parties and festivities! Lindt’s Sea Salt Bar is the ultimate sweet and salty combination you’ve been craving…



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Similar to coffee, tea can be a wonderful combination with chocolate. If you or your guests are on the health conscious side and are looking for a small indulgent snack, a cup of hot green tea with dark chocolate may be the perfect pairing for you.


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