Sleep Never Sounded So Good

We all know a good night’s rest is crucial for your health and well-being. If you live in a noisy neighbourhood or your partner is a loud snorer, preventing you from sleeping well, Bose might have a solution for that unwanted noise!

Bose recently launched a product called ‘Sleepbuds’ which are designed to mask unwanted sound.
They deliver soothing sounds, similar to white-noise for infants, which are enginereed to lull you to sleep!

(Pc: Bose)

The ‘Sleepbuds’ are wireless, comfortable and secure. The earbuds are designed with soft StayHear+ Sleep tips to help the ‘Sleepbuds’ stay in place while you toss and turn during your sleep. They also come in a small charging case which is the ultimate convenient place to store and protect the ‘Sleepbuds’ while you are at home or even traveling.

(Pc: Bose)

The ‘Sleepbuds’ work seamlessly with the Bose Sleep App – making it easy to customize your sleep settings. You can select a soothing sound, adjust the volume and set alarms that only you can hear.

Bose Upper Canada will be hosting a series of ‘Week of Sleep’ educational events to guide you on the revolutionary product.
Expert team members will explore in-depth of the benefits and functionality of ‘Sleepbuds’. You can even test it out in a room dedicated for this experience!

Visit Bose Upper Canada on:

July 11 between 2pm-8pm
July 13 between 2pm-8pm

There will be light refreshments, prizes and fun experiential sessions!
Explore a better solution for unwanted noise at Bose Upper Canada.