Casper NOW OPEN!

Upper Canada is happy to announce that Casper is now open on the Upper Level, across from Sephora!


Casper is a global sleep company ​ improving the way the world sleeps.​The company has a full portfolio of obsessively engineered sleep products—including mattresses, pillows, bedding, and furniture—all developed in-house by the company’s award-winning R&D team at Casper Labs. In addition to its global ecommerce business, Casper owns and operates more than 50 Sleep Shops across North America, and its products are available at top Canadian retailers including Hudson’s Bay, Indigo, and EQ3.



All ​Casper Mattresses are made with premium, breathable foams that provide ergonomic alignment for deep sleep and ensure you sleep cool..


Casper pillows are designed for all-night comfort and every sleeping position, they have just the right balance of squish and support as well as silky fine fibers that allow the pillow to retain its shape.


Casper bedding uses only premium, natural and eco-friendly materials to provide comfort all year round. Their designers think through even the smallest details ​to help you make the bed a little faster.

Glow Light

Discover ​Casper’s Glow Light designed to help you wind down naturally for a better, deeper sleep. Its ambient glow helps you wind down and relax, then gently dim so you can doze off without interruptions. In the morning, the Casper Glow will gently wake you up with a soft light for an easy morning rise!



Visit ​Casper today for a one stop shop for all things sleep!

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