Nature Collection


Mar 18  •  Apr 30

LIVING CORAL – PANTONE SPRING 2019 color is warm without overpowering, lively and animated without becoming too much to swallow.  It has a golden undertone and a softer edge, making it easy on the eyes and simply gorgeous to wear.

As a life-affirming hue that complements all skin tones, PANTONE LIVING CORAL brings natural color to beauty in blush, eye, and lip.

Uninhibited, playful looks are also emboldened by Living Coral, which, as the center of a kaleidoscope of color, encourages experimentation in beauty with palettes, textures, shimmers, and sheens.


Over $50 in Pantone collection receive mirror & clutch.

Over $100 in Pantone collection receive an eyeshadow brush, mirror & clutch.



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