Safety & Security

The role of our Security Department is to ensure every visitor has a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. The security team patrols and monitors all areas of the shopping centre on a 24 hour basis, 365 days of the year. Our 24 hour emergency security line is (905) 895-5607.



If you have lost an item while visiting the shopping centre, please call 905-895-1961 and our Guest Experience team will be able to assist you.
You can additionally text message us at 905-218-1630 during our business hours for a direct, quick response. 

Additional Services:
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Escort to vehicle
  • Battery Boost

To request these services, please call 905-895-1961.


Our Rules + Policies


Upper Canada Mall is pleased to offer a smoke-free establishment in compliance with all government legislation.


Running, skate boarding, roller blading, littering, profane language, mischief, vandalism, and unsafe use of elevators and escalators is prohibited. Any act that violates Municipal, Provincial, or Federal laws or regulations is prohibited.


Distributing printed materials and/or soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited. Pre-approved exceptions may apply.


Motorized wheelchairs or medical scooters must be operated at low speeds to ensure safety of all visitors


Loitering or congregating in large groups is prohibited.


Personal entertainment and electronic devices may only be operated at accepted locations and volume levels. Photo and/or video devices may only be used with prior approval from the centre management.


Attire that may be considered objectionable constitutes a disguise, hoods and/or is intended to conceal identity is not permitted.


With the exception of service and/or working animals, pets and animals are not permitted in the shopping centre.


If you have any questions or comments, please visit or call our security department at 905-895-5607. Upper Canada Mall reserves the right to administer and enforce all shopping centre rules and policies in accordance with the provisions of the trespass to property act of Ontario.

Upper Canada Mall reserves the right to amend and modify shopping centre rules and policies at any time.

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