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  • The Hungry Donkey

    Immerse yourself in the rich street food of Greece! From succulent gyros and souvlaki to creamy tzatziki, all crafted with love and tradition. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates the essence of Greece, served with a side of warm hospitality.


    MINISO is a lifestyle product retailer, offering high quality household goods, cosmetics and food at affordable prices. MINISO has opened more than 5500 stores in over 107 countries and regions since 2013, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, UAE, India, and Mexico.

    We’re here to help you discover the affordable little joys.

    Life is for fun!

    Melanie Lyne

    Value passion, style, creativity, positivity, collaboration, and innovation. Melanie Lyne is an iconic Canadian fashion brand with friendly and familiar customer service.

    T-Shirt Time

    T-Shirt Time is a Canadian owned company which specializes in custom printing. We started out several years ago, focusing mainly on printing t-shirts. Today, we specialize in customizing on everything printable, and we mean EVERYTHING: t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, crewnecks, polos, hats, caps, mugs, sweatpants, tote bags, masks, etc. Our motto has always been the same – if you can dream it, we can print it!

    Radiant Fine Jewellers

    For over 40 years, our founders have designed and imported elegant, stylish jewellery with an emphasis on quality and novelty. As our second generation of the family continues the journey, we strive in maintaining old world traditions while implementing cutting-edge technology.

    The Alley

    The Alley was founded in Taiwan in 2013. Known for its signature tapioca pearls – Deerioca, and pure sugar cane syrup, the brand has expanded rapidly with branches across Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The first Canadian branch was opened in Toronto in 2016, now with over 16 locations all over Canada.

    Bailey Nelson

    Bailey Nelson was born from the desire to change the way we view eye care.

    To us, there truly is no greater joy than the joy of eye sight. So naturally, the experience of taking care of your eyes should be nothing less than one of life’s great joys! It should be exciting and exhilarating. Something that motivates and inspires us. It should be a joy, not a chore. It should be a chance to experiment, play and feel good about ourselves! An opportunity to express who we are – to see well and be seen well.

    By removing exorbitant price tags, blah service and compromised options, we’ve been able to bring the joy back to eye care and flip the tired ‘I HAVE TO’ situation into a joyful ‘I GET TO’ moment.

    Danish Pastry House

    The Danish Pastry House serving authentic Danish pastries and desserts to our customers in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton and Peel Region.

    Yogen Fruz

    Today, Yogen Fruz has grown to be a world leader in the frozen yogurt category, with over 1400 locations operating in 47 countries around the world. Yogen Fruz provides delicious and nutritious frozen desserts, just what you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Kibo Sushi House

    Kibo Sushi House specializes in Japanese cuisines and has a sushi bar for an authentic Japanese dine-in experience. Offering a variety of fresh sashimi, sushi pizza, tempura and more. Attached to the restaurant, Kibo Sushi House has a market featuring many popular Japanese and Korean snacks.